Published on August 1, 2018

The school has recently launched an ambitious new Rural Scholarship Program aimed at providing students living in rural and regional Australia the opportunity to finish their HSC at HVGS while living with a Homestay Family. 

Compassion, citizenship and gratitude are just some of the core values that underpin our school’s ethos and educational philosophy, and I feel assured that our students appreciate how fortunate they are to have access to amazing educational opportunities and a fantastic school within their local area. 

Mr teys talking with HVGS students


We teach students to take a balanced view of education by seeking ways to make an impact in our local and global community. Together we acknowledge that not everyone has access to the same opportunities in education as we do. It is because of that knowledge that we’re in the unique position to help address educational disparity between rural and city kids. 

I’m passionate about the program, stemming from my own experience growing up in western Queensland, where quality educational opportunities simply were not available. My parents moved away from their parents so we could get access to quality schools. This is often the reality and the challenges faced by rural families. I’m so pleased that so many of our families have expressed excitement about the program and about providing a supportive and nurturing home to a student from rural Australia.  

Taking the program out to communities 

Earlier in the term, Mr Teys packed up the car and headed out to Goondiwindi and Dubbo to attend their annual agricultural shows and share the program with prospective rural families. “Wearing my suit and name badge often drew comments from locals, and gave me an “in” to chat more about the program and our school,” said Mr Teys.


“The feedback from rural communities has been wonderful. I have made some great connections, met many interesting people.  Hopefully I’ve stirred some interest with prospective families who are looking for a better option for their sons and daughters”

Paul Teys, HVGS Principal