Published on October 28, 2018

Student’s experience kindness personified in Campbell Remess.

The School is often privileged in meeting and hearing from a range of speakers but it’s rare for a guest to connect with and make an impact on all the students, Kindergarten through to Year 12, as well as the staff and parent community. But that is precisely what happened at this year’s Founders’ Day Assembly with the visit of Campbell Remess to the School.

It is remarkable to consider then that this outstanding guest is only a high school student himself. 

Campbell Remess working with HVGS students

Campbell is an extraordinary 14-year-old, who has devoted the past five years of his life to helping others. Campbell has made more than 1,700 teddy bears for children and adults who are sick or simply in need of a touch of kindness in their lives. His company, Project 365, now raises money for cancer research, working closely with the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre, as well as fundraising to send families in need of some respite on cruises. He continues to make a teddy bear a day.

His day at HVGS started by working with our Year 7 Leo Club members to create our very own bear, Hunta, who you will hear more about as our newly appointed ambassador for service. His presentation at the Founders’ Day Assembly was heartfelt and gave a strong message to our students about promoting greater acts of kindness in our lives. There were not many dry eyes in the Cameron Centre. In the afternoon, Campbell met with Year 4 and Year 6 to speak further on service.

Campbell is a beacon for kindness and leadership. His motto is simple: “Being kind and not mean will change the world.” And we agree. Campbell has made an enormous impact on all our students. Our focus on service through action, on our commitment to our core School Values and on our positive and inclusive leadership culture, which views leadership as an opportunity to serve others, is very much akin to Campbell’s outlook on life.