Published on October 30, 2018

Visitors to our School are always impressed with our campus, grounds and facilities. For the past five to ten years, there has always been some sort of capital development underway.

We are committed to providing our students with dynamic learning spaces and ensuring that older spaces are refurbished and contemporary. Our learning spaces are purposeful in their design to engage students in flexible ways, foster a sense of pride and belonging, utilise digital technologies appropriately and provide teachers with the very best tools and resources, so that our teaching and learning is the very best.

At the board and executive leaders strategic planning workshops in 2017, considerable thought was given to exploring ways we can improve the physical learning environment to better support teaching, learning and wellbeing in the School.

Early this term, construction started on our new Early Learning Centre (ELC).  Our new ELC will offer a world-class, architecturally designed environment to excite and energise our youngest learners. It has been intentional in its design by creating spaces that promote the attributes inherent in our International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. Flexible and inspiring natural and built settings will support play-based and inquiry learning, which is critical in shaping the brain of young children and supports higher potential for learning in later life.

In November 2018, you will start to notice the footprint of the Senior School change when an exciting new project kicks off: a new multifunctional cafeteria to replace the current canteen. This acquisition highlights our maturity as a school (in our 29th year), providing a recreational and leisure space for students and staff to enjoy good food, relaxation time and company in a comfortable and dignified way. The two-level cafeteria also provides a design-built dining room to accommodate 120 guests, which will prove extremely beneficial, given the number of smaller formal events we host. The multifunction design means we can also host whole of year learning events. We would hope to have the project completed by Term 4, 2019.

The business of teaching and learning has changed significantly over the past decade. We are now educating tomorrow’s innovators and changemakers to develop the skills and talents they will need to work in a globalised workforce in the complex careers of the future. The reality for our young people is that future work practices will require an emphasis on different types of skills: collaboration, problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, innovation and flexibility. It is our responsibility to ensure that we provide the learning environment and the tools for them to develop these skills.

The new Technical and Applied Sciences building is a perfect example of a flexible, technology and resource-rich learning space, which is enjoyable for students and teachers to work in each day and which will serve students well now and into the future. The purchase of the new school farm also means that our Agriculture program can offer real-world, hands-on, future-focused learning.

It is an exciting time in the life of the School, and the revitalisation and rejuvenation of our learning spaces means that right from the very early years our students have access to outstanding facilities that enhance teaching and motivate learning.