Published on November 11, 2018

Engagement with the arts provides endless opportunities for children to express their creativity and imagination. Within the HVGS preschool program, children are able to develop a whole host of skills and key dispositions for learning  through their participation in music, language, creative movement, dramatic play and visual arts. These valuable experiences allow preschool aged children to develop their fine and gross motor movements and develop communication, literacy, social skills and problem-solving.

Creative arts assist children to feel confident and capable and to direct and reflect upon their own learning journey. These experiences are celebrated as a holistic approach to learning and development as young learners build solid foundations for lifelong learning.

Children creating chalk art

Children’s thinking and creative processes are integral to their overall learning and development. To strengethen this development children in the Early Learning Centre are encouraged to represent their thinking and to express themselves through multiple mediums.

Arts resources are freely available and children’s sense of agency is promoted as they choose what they want to work with during the creative process. Children’s creativity is connected to all five Learning Outcomes within the Early Years Learning Framework as well as the learner skills and attributes of the PYP Program.

At HVGS, specialist lessons in French, library, tennis and music are also embedded within our rich curriculum to support inquiry based and arts learning.These programs help children construct a sense of their self and understanding of the world around them.