Published on November 15, 2018

The Cameron Centre stage feels strangely empty now the echoes of catchy tunes have faded.

Another fantastic production at HVGS has been packed away, and the (almost) 200 participants have returned to their normal lives and schedules. Grease was undoubtedly a hit, and with more than 1,300 audience members, we could safely say one of our biggest and best shows to date.

students backstage at musical show

Productions are a transformative process and an essential project in a school like ours. They bring together staff and students to co-create a magical world where the endeavours of hard work are, literally, up in lights for all to see. The calibre of the performances and the buzz surrounding the show have emphasised just how important the dramatic arts are for students and the broader school community.

It must be said, as memorable as the performances are for students, it’s the months of rehearsals prior where the real magic happens. Performing in a school production allows students to step out of their comfort zone and try new experiences.

Few will go on to become professional performers or producers of theatre, but the lessons they learn on and off the stage will translate into the work environment.

Students in Grease flash mob

Shakespeare was spot-on when he said “all the world’s a stage”. Problem solving, teamwork and collaboration, project management and responsibility, perseverance and resilience, bravery and confidence, and the development of life skills and friendships, move far beyond the classroom and are the real benefits of a school production.