Published on November 20, 2018

The NSW Independent Schools Championships held last weekend was an opportunity for HVGS rowers to showcase their stuff on the water. And we didn’t disappoint. A staggering 18 individuals or crew combinations rowed their way to the podium in their respective events and finals – which is up from 13 in 2017.

HVGS finished sixth overall in the schools championships from over twenty schools who competed. 

Rowers on podium

Our Year 7 boys in particular have really made themselves known in their first outing amongst other NSW independent schools.

“This is a massive event in NSW Schools Rowing, with over 1,000 competitors attending,” said Tom Herborn, HVGS Director of Rowing. “Almost half of our team travelled to Sydney International Regatta Centre for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic facilities and incredible atmosphere that thousands of people bring.”