Published on February 8, 2019

The new Hunter Valley Grammar School Early Learning Centre (ELC) opened last week and judging from the sounds of laughter and play coming from that corner of the School – it’s a big hit with our littlest learners!

Student painting

The year-long building project has delivered students a state-of-the art, vibrant learning and play-space where they can truly blossom and grow.

ELC mum Kellie agrees, “Architecture is known for its ability to affect mood and improve wellbeing and this is certainly the Rolls-Royce of preschools. The design of the building and grounds provides a platform for fostering a love of learning.”

There’s a calmness and serenity to the space where all children have a place to unleash their imagination or simply find a quiet area for thoughtful play under a tall gum tree.

Child playing with craft

The design has taken full advantage of our lush, green environment.

Large windows and doors connect indoor and outdoor spaces and dedicated and intentional teaching and learning spaces, coupled with a Scandinavian- inspired art room, authentically compliments play-based and inquiry-based learning opportunities.

art room inside

“The art room is a standout feature,” says Kellie. “It’s backdrop to nature – combined with space, colour and light – are qualities seen in the best art studios because of the desire to facilitate and enhance creativity and imagination.”

We’re looking forward to watching the new opportunities for play and learning evolve in the new environment.


Official opening

Children, teachers and adults enjoyed a traditional Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony to officially open our new ELC. 

Eucalyptus smoke surrounded the young children as they listened to the digeridoo; fascinated by the dancers depicting native Australian animals and asking intelligent questions. 


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