Published on November 8, 2019

New School Captains Abbey Allomes and Paterson Murphy (affectionately, also known as Banjo), share some insights into the things that inspire them and why inspiration in leadership is essential.


Two captains standing near a tree

What inspires you?

Abbey: I am inspired by individuals who are passionate, dedicated and strive to achieve success in their chosen endeavours. Any individual who is determined and perseveres through challenges and obstacles inspires me.

Banjo: The most significant ambitions often come with sizeable adversity. The ability for people to stand up for what they believe (even against popular opinion) is a quality I find inspirational. There’s something about seeing someone set their mind towards a particular goal and not letting anything get in the way of their pursuit in achieving it.


What is your true passion in life?

Abbey: To answer this question, I started to think of all the things that I’m involved in to choose which one would best describe my true passion. Is it social justice and inclusion, community involvement, or sports and competing? I realised, though, that my true passion in life is all of this. My passion is to be involved and make a positive contribution to anything and everything that I can and to encourage others to do the same.

Banjo: I’m passionate about not taking life too seriously and standing up for what I believe. Life can be hard, and things can seem overwhelming. Allowing yourself to take a step back and have a laugh about certain situations is something I think is very important and beneficial to our overall wellbeing. Also, each of us has our own opinions about many different things. I’m passionate about being proud of your beliefs and standing by them.


How do leaders inspire others?

Abbey: Inspiration comes through actions. Leaders should contribute actively and include others, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

I hope to inspire others through a sense of inclusion and involvement in the wide range of opportunities that HVGS offers. In my early high school years, older students always tried to make me feel included and valued. Now as a senior student, I try to do the same for younger students.

Banjo: One of the most important things anyone can do in life is to have a go. When leaders are willing to step up, it has the potential to inspire others to be brave and put themselves out there.

HVGS offers a myriad of opportunities that anyone can indulge in, and during my time at the school I’ve tried a great number of them. I haven’t been good at all of them, though the only way to know is to try.