Published on December 19, 2019

2019 draws to a close with the release of HSC results and student ATARs. While many interrogate media articles and infatuate themselves with league tables and narrow indicators of educational attainment, the staff here at HVGS have been quietly reflecting on 103 success stories; the remarkable stories of attainment of each one of our 103 graduates. Is it important that the selective James Ruse High School has the highest percentage of Band 6’s in the state from their 153 students? Or that the second ranked school based on such percentages has a Year 12 cohort of 34?

In a landscape increasingly influenced by emerging programmes like the International Baccalaureate, and myriad early entry avenues to universities that rely less and less on a final ATAR, measures of what constitutes success may be as varied as the 66,000 young people who finished their secondary schooling in 2019. What is important is securing futures for all students, with success lying in the remarkable achievements of many.

We celebrate the achievements of students who will feature on the front pages of media, and those who achieve exceptionally high ATARs, equally alongside those who have a bright future borne from courage, aspiration and a close partnership with our staff to vision their future.

These are our stories, ask about each one of them, and we will proudly tell you about the wonderful young adults graduating from HVGS; of their courage, ambition and the achievements from which we may recognise their success.