Published on April 23, 2020

Alumna Anthea Dockrill (2016) has every corner of the world covered. From her university studies in international relations, involvement in the Model United Nations Conferences, and an upcoming exchange to Russia, she has a number of international flags flying.

Anthea Dockrill at United Nations
Anthea (left) at Model United Nations Conference (New York)

What did you do after leaving HVGS?

I originally commenced studies at Macquarie University in Sydney, doing a Bachelor of International Studies. I’m now attending the Australian National University in Canberra, completing a flexible double degree – Bachelor of International Relations and a Bachelor of International Security Studies, with a minor in Russian.

How did you become interested in Russian language studies?

When I started at Macquarie University it was required that I choose a language. I had already studied a little French at HVGS but was interested in learning something new. At the time of my admission to university there was a lot of political heat circulating regarding the 2016 elections in the USA and it was then that I realised that Russian might be a good, unique skill to learn – particularly with my interest in international diplomacy. 

Where has your interest in international diplomacy taken you?

In my first year of university, I was immediately drawn to joining the Macquarie University United Nations Society. After becoming an active member and performing in three domestic conferences across Australia, I applied for the Harvard World Model United Nations and “Future We Want” Model United Nations (FWWMUN) conferences in Panama City and New York respectively.

In March 2018, I represented Macquarie University in Panama as the Delegate of Kazakhstan in the Disarmament and International Security Committee. Within the same month, I received a scholarship to attend FWWMUN at the New York United Nations Headquarters as the delegate of Venezuela, in the Economic and Financial Committee.

“I recently completed a Professional Certificate in World Politics and International Negotiation at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

I was rather exciting to meant people from all over the world.”


While there, I enjoyed five days of seminar-type interactions with several UN ambassadors and experts, followed by a Model United Nations conference where I represented the United Kingdom for the topic of “Investing in innovative environmental solutions for accelerating the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals”. The resolution I put forward passed unanimously in the last few minutes of debate, which made for a very exciting end to the week. 

What is your next goal?

Within the next year I aspire to complete a six-month exchange in the Russian Federation as part of my studies. I’m looking forward to putting my Russian skills to the test and completely immersing myself in the culture.