Published on May 22, 2020

Alex McFetridge (2019) is chasing the big baskets all the way to Central Maine (CM) Community College, USA, and a place on the College basketball team, ‘The Mustangs’. 

Once a Mustang in Maitland, Alex will now be a Mustang in Maine!

Alex McFetridge

United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) Hall of Fame coach, Dave Gonyea, says, “Alex is a bright, hardworking player with a strong basketball IQ. He shoots pretty good and has the right personality and mindset to be a Mustang. I’m looking forward to working with him on the court.”

Alex will be studying Criminal Justice at CM. We were keen to hear more from Alex about this exciting next chapter in his life.

When will you be heading to Maine?  

I’ll be heading over in August of this year but with COVID-19 limiting travel overseas, I’m not sure when I can get over there.  

How did you achieve this incredible opportunity? 

I applied to IAM360 which is a scouting agency that helps international athletes go to the USA and play the sport of their choice. 

An agent by the name of Matt Wade approached me and offered me this incredible opportunity. I stayed in contact with him over the years and kept him updated with my accomplishments in basketball and my grades at school.

My profile was sent out and luckily for me, CM were interested.   

What trait did you learn at school that has helped you achieve this? 

I learned to keep pushing towards my dream and not to give in when times are hard. The teachers at HVGS supported me – as well as many other students – to chase their dreams; for that, I am so thankful. 

Alex McFetridge
HVGS AICES Boys Basketball Team (Alex: front row, second from the right)
Favourite memory of your time at school? 

I have so many memories of school that it is too hard to name a favourite! From all the sport carnivals, graduation day, competing in Melbourne for the basketball school championships – there is just so many.  

“I am passionate about all sports. I really enjoy coaching younger kids and basketball teams, especially when they have a lightbulb moment.”

Favourite teacher? 

I bonded with all my teachers, and I can’t say a bad thing about them. I was close with a few teachers and staff, and they know who they are. I loved all my teachers!

Sum up HVGS in 3 words! 

Best time ever!