Published on June 19, 2020

Each Wednesday afternoon, a group of budding ‘Jedi’ check their ties, shoes and blazers at the door and limber up for an afternoon of stylised swordplay.

Led by Year 12 student, Tynan Fuller, Theatre Swordplay is the latest co-curricular activity causing a disturbance (of the good kind!) in the force.

“I first learned about Theatre Swordplay through the company I perform shows with,” says Tynan. “I learned about different forms of swordplay, as well as how to communicate effectively with the partners I would fight during the show – a notable example was Aida in 2019.”

When HVGS claims to offer a co-curricular activity for absolutely everyone – we mean it! The style of the swordplay demonstrated in the above video, is based on elements from the Star Wars prequel movies and includes strikes, defences, some spins, twirls and flourishes.

Students involved in Theatre Swordplay can learn the basics of choreographing sword fights for the stage, as well as learning to quickly master new styles of theatre combat, both of which are indispensable in the broader world of theatre.

Swordplay students are developing new friendships from their communication and cooperation with each other throughout the activity.

Tynan is thrilled with the feedback from students.

“Students have responded extremely positively,” says Tynan. “They enjoy being able to enact dramatic swordfights with people from across the School, as well as creating their own unique styles and choreography. Many of them take the skills which they acquire and practice with their siblings, and with other friends, which is very pleasing.”