Published on November 23, 2020

Brendan Rowe (2005) is a Major in the Australian Army. Currently based in Canberra, Brendan supports the development of policy and strategy associated with the Pacific Step Up – a program working with Australia’s Pacific partners to build a secure, stable and economic region.


What has been a career highlight for you?

Receiving a civilian bravery award from the Governor-General was an incredible honour. I intervened in a fight where the aggressor produced a knife and threatened my
life and the intended victim’s life too. I de-escalated the situation, and thankfully, no one was injured.

How has the impact of 2020 affected you?

The focus of my work shifted as a result of political and strategic changes, but primarily I haven’t had to change much. Plenty of my colleagues were deployed across Australia to air and seaports, as well as hotels to support the government’s quarantine efforts; most of them supported the bushfire relief efforts as well, so it’s been a very busy year (domestically) for army personnel.

Favourite HVGS memory?

The best memories I have are of the friends I made at school. While I wasn’t an ideal student and found myself in trouble from time-to-time; it was always my mates who made the time worthwhile. Returning to the School in 2013 to deliver a speech to students and staff for the ANZAC Day Ceremony in my capacity as an Army Officer, was also a wonderful experience.