Published on November 26, 2020

Lexie and Ruby Martin (Year 10) both have a clear idea of where they see themselves post-school – working in early childhood and the hospitality industry, respectively.

Student works with preschoolers building a castle
Lexie undertakes her Early Childhood qualifications in our Early Learning Centre

Traditionally, students like Lexie and Ruby would have studied the HSC and undertaken vocational courses offered by the School, attended TAFE some afternoons and evenings or accessed a school-based traineeship or apprenticeship to kick-start their career.

However, sometimes students choosing this pattern of study can find themselves studying other HSC subjects that are not relevant to, or support, their career choice and may struggle to meet the demands of the HSC while trying to juggle their career studies and work experience requirements.

Hunter Valley Grammar School has acknowledged this and are looking to offer both the HSC and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Career-related Programme (CP) to Year 11 students for the first time in 2021. In 2022, we are aiming to add the IB Diploma Programme. These, along with our Bespoke programs, will provide four career pathways for students to consider in their final years of school.

About the CP

The CP incorporates the values of the IB into a unique, international, real-world and career-focused program that focuses on vocational skills and hands-on experience. This unique pattern of study incorporates the local vocational (VET) course, the IB Language and Literature course (to strengthen writing and public speaking skills), the IB Business Management course (acquiring relevant business skills), a Personal and Professional Skills course (to develop the soft skills increasingly valued by employers) and a Language Development course (providing a greater understanding of the impact of culture and context on business relations). The courses are specifically designed to relate to the student’s career of choice and require students to apply what they have learnt to the context of their career studies.

What is involved?

Along with the usual work placement hours, students will also be involved in career-related service opportunities. For example, a student commencing a hospitality career may volunteer with a community food program; helping those in need. Students acquire skills to support their future employment applications, while also gaining an understanding of how their career can make a difference to the community in multiple ways. Undertaking a research project on an ethical dilemma associated with their career empowers students with the skills to navigate the workplace, where they may encounter situations requiring difficult decisions.

Student and chef in kitchen
Ruby will work alongside experts in her Hospitality studies

In their own words

Lexie and Ruby are looking forward to studying the Career-related Programme in 2021. They shared their thoughts about why they chose this course of study.

What do you want to be when you leave school?

Ruby: My passion for baking and hands-on activities made me really consider a career in hospitality.

Lexie: I  would love to pursue a career in early childhood education. I’ve always enjoyed being around children and seeing them grow into creative and curious thinkers.


Why did you choose the CP Programme?

Lexie: The CP will help me gain hands-on learning experiences to support my chosen career path. I am also looking forward to learning skills that will support me in general such as workplace resolution skills, consideration of ethical dilemmas and service-learning opportunities.

Ruby: I feel that the CP will better tailor my experiences to my career path. I will learn the basic skills and knowledge to help start my career but can also look at the ethics and real-world application of those skills. I am excited to be a part of the new IB offerings at HVGS.