Published on February 22, 2021

Samuel Webb (2017) has been playing football for over 17 years. This year his dedication, talent and commitment to his sport have been recognised with his selection into the Australian Indigenous Football Team.

Sam is an inspiration and coach to HVGS footballers and shares more about his passion for the game and his goal of improving health and wellbeing in others.

man playing soccer

How long have you been playing football? 

I have been playing football since the age of five. I started playing at Tea Gardens Soccer Club and now play for Maitland Football Club in the National Premier League.

Tell us about your selection into the Australian Indigenous Football Team.

I was selected to be a part of the Australian Indigenous Football Team after competing at the National Indigenous Football Championships last year. The team consists of both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander footballers from all different parts of the country. Our training camp commences four days before the match, and I’m incredibly proud and excited to represent my people, the Worimi people, by playing high-quality football in front of a significantly sized crowd. 

We are very fortunate to play this year, as last year’s fixture was cancelled due to the pandemic.

What’s your big passion in life? 

I have a passion for sharing my knowledge about fitness and wellbeing with people who want to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

What’s next for you? 

Over the next year I will be focusing on finishing my degree at the University of Newcastle. I’m studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education, majoring in Health & Physical Education and minoring in Aboriginal Studies.

man with partner

You coach HVGS footballers; what is involved in that?

I first started out coaching the Junior and Senior School football teams in 2018. I am currently involved in the Junior School football program, which includes coaching a range of players with varying skill levels from under 6’s to under 13’s. 

I manage the Bill Turner Cup, CIS Cup, and Open Boys squads that compete in annual knock-out tournaments and gala days in the Senior School. 

It is enriching to share my knowledge with emerging HVGS players who hold a similar passion for football as I do.

If you’re a past student of HVGS, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.