Published on May 3, 2021

For over 15 years, HVGS has been facilitating the educative Young Drivers Program to address the increasing incidents of young drivers killed, injured or involved in road accidents on local roads.

student driving car

Head of House Mr John Guy states, “The Young Drivers Program gives students practical insights into the parameters of responsible driving and addresses the risk factors that contribute to accidents including: driver inexperience,  decision-making in complex driving situations, effect of friends and peers on driver behaviour, fatigue and lifestyle factors.”

Theory based sessions cover the principles of low-risk driving and a presentation by brain-injured survivors from Head-start Group illustrates the consequences of high-risk behaviour on the road and behind the wheel. A thought-provoking session which stays with students long after the Program concludes.

Year 11 student, Holly Mulhern, found the program interesting and educating.

“I enjoyed the driving aspect of the program. Having other people in the car was educational in gaining a clearer understanding of the impacts of unsafe driving and learning how to drive safely.

“Hearing of the past experiences of traumatic events that had happened to specific individuals and the stories they told us, was impactful.”

Practical lessons include driving on a curvy track with instructors in dual-control cars, driving with peers (as opposed to parent instructors), plus a workshop on basic vehicle care and tyre changing.