Published on June 18, 2021

Often it’s the achievement of our outstanding rowing students that captures the limelight, applause and podium finishes, but behind our talented students lies an equally talented coaching team who are also bringing home the goods.

HVGS Director of Rowing Rowan Hislop and HVGS Rowing Coach Mark Partridge have just competed at the Australian Masters Rowing Championships in Adelaide, with impressive results:

  • GOLD: Rowan and his partner Shantelle in the A grade Mixed double
  • BRONZE: Mark and Rowan in the Men’s B grade Quad
  • GOLD: Rowan in the A grade lightweight Men’s single

Rowan and Mark shared a bit more about their love of rowing and how their passion supports our students in the water.

two men standing in the water near a rowing boat

How long have you been rowing?

Rowan: I started rowing in Year 8, so that’s 17 years now!

Mark: Technically 47 years, as the youngest of seven rowers in the family, there was no escaping it.


What do you enjoy about rowing?

Rowan: The reward for work done. If you do the work, put in the effort, your progression will reliably be there.

Mark: The sense of community developed through shared experience; and the competitive side.

“I’m committed to building athlete’s relationships with sport to be positive and sustainable, wherever life leads them.”

Rowan Hislop


How do your rowing experiences inform your coaching?

Rowan: My experience in the sport has given me a deep passion for the importance of a lifelong relationship with sport, not just a bright burst of flame that quickly fades.

Mark: Fortunately for me, I had some great coaches early in my career that served as outstanding role models not only on the water but off as well. In my coaching, I have always strived to match their empathy and grounded perspective.

man in boat holding medal



Congratulations to both Rowan and Mark – outstanding examples of the calibre of Hunter Valley Grammar School staff and the positive and affirming environment they nurture to develop the next generation of rowers.