Published on June 23, 2021

Going to school is really enjoyable when you love what you learn. Learning becomes so much more powerful, and social bonds become stronger.

Our latest co-curricular clubs are ticking all the boxes for teens keen to tinker with technology, or to gather with other gamers.

student and teacher working on a computer

Computer Club

Computer Club Coordinator Dr Bob Burgess built his first computer from scratch as a teenager and is now sharing his wisdom with HVGS students interested in technology. Computer Club teaches students how to build their own computer from scratch. From completely dismantling a computer down to its basic components, through to reassembling it piece by piece (including installing a fresh copy of an operating system of their choice), students gain valuable technology skills and insights.

It’s not just building computers, though, students also learn how to research and choose the correct parts for a computer to ensure they build a system that works and is good value for money.

“Computer Club is well-suited to students who have an interest  in technology and like hands-on activities.”

Dr Bob Burgess

“You don’t need to be computer savvy to enjoy Computer Club. Some students like to be guided step by step, and others don’t need me at all; they are there just because they enjoy it. Computer Club is a fun lunchtime endeavour for anyone with an interest in computers,” Bob says.

Gaming Club

Senior School Gaming Club is where gamers gather to partake in a favourite pastime with other passionate players. Our new Gaming Club brings students a unique interest-based co-curricular opportunity and supervised safe social spaces for like-minded students to develop friendships through their shared passion for gaming. Gaming Club operates just as it sounds, as a place for students to game with other students; however, it also provides students with a foundational knowledge of the fundamental aspects of game design to develop a deeper and more critical appreciation of their hobby and the entertainment they are consuming.