Published on May 30, 2022

Tynan Fuller (2020) is a hard face to forget. Over his seven years at the School, he could often be found on the HVGS stage as a musician, actor, or both! Who could forget his performance as Ursula the Sea Witch in the Little Mermaid! 

Tynan smiling


His love of the arts has extended beyond HVGS, and he’s now channelling his energy into his tertiary studies with the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) and several performance opportunities, too.  

Tynan returned to the School recently for our Careers Quest event to share his journey of pursuing the performing arts post-school and the tertiary options available to those students also interested in the performing arts.

What have you been doing since leaving HVGS?

I’ve been working in the performing arts industry as a children’s entertainer and a trivia host. I’ve also recently finished a tour with an Irish Dance Group as the solo vocalist – not a dancer, which is certainly not my foray!

I’m also a second-year student at the Australian Institute of Music studying a Bachelor of Music (Music Theatre).

You returned for Careers Quest to advise students on tertiary study options in the performing arts. Why did you feel it essential to share your journey?

Events like Careers Quest offer an excellent perspective for students on a whole range of different industries. For a HVGS student interested in the performing arts, access to a fellow HVGS student, who has trod the path before, is incredibly valuable. 

students listening to lecture
Tynan talking to Year 11 students about the performing arts


In the performing arts, having increased exposure to performers and more opportunities to understand the pathways available helps students leaving school successfully navigate the path forward.

What’s your big dream in life?

I want to work in the Musical Theatre scene in Sydney. The performing arts have suffered a hit over COVID, and it’s a reasonably volatile industry at the moment, but I’m ready for what comes next.