Published on August 25, 2022

Liam Taylor (2015) is reaping the rewards of years of study and hard work after being admitted to the ACT Supreme Court in August.

A passionate advocate for social justice, Liam is determined to pursue his aspirations in the area of Public and Administrative Law as a Solicitor while remaining involved in grassroots community law organisations. 

Read more about Liam’s career journey since leaving HVGS.

man standing outside court holding certificate




What have you been up to since leaving HVGS?

After completing a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney, I started a Juris Doctor at the Australia National University. Passionate about social justice and educational support, I began volunteering at the Australia Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME), which worked closely with students supporting their further tertiary education. While at the ANU, I also embraced various other opportunities, including volunteering at Legal Aid ACT, the Kimberley Community Legal Centre, and a research project at Canberra Community Law. I was also involved in the ANU Law Students’ Society as a Competitions Director, where I ran a variety of Novice and Senior Mooting Competitions. 

I currently work as an Associate at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) in the General Division, in which I am regularly involved in matters concerning the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Comcare, Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, Migration/Visa, and commercial/taxation matters.


What is involved in being admitted to the Supreme Court?

Upon completing a law degree and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (a course you undertake after your law degree), you can apply to the Supreme Court of your state or territory to be admitted as Solicitor, which means you can now practice Law. 

At the Admission Ceremony, a moving Counsel moves your admission, which involves them making a Statement to the presiding judge. Newly admitted Solicitors collectively take an oath/affirmation and sign the roll. 


What is your best memory of your time at HVGS?

There are many to choose from: friends, environment, and teachers, but one of my most cherished memories at HVGS was my involvement and engagement in the Music department.

Throughout my time at School, I participated in various musical ensembles ranging from the soft, bluesy tones of Stage Band to the often-loud roars of the Percussion Ensemble. Performing and having a creative outlet was such an essential part of my studies at HVGS.

“Having hobbies and interests outside my career is especially important, and I try to maintain my daily piano practice.”

Liam Taylor


man in graduatin gown and cap
Liam at his ANU graduation


What is your advice for current students interested in the Law?

Do not underestimate the power and importance of volunteering. Volunteering encourages you to think differently and broaden your interests to areas you may never have considered.

“Follow a cause you are enthusiastic about, stay with it, and opportunities will flow from there.”

Liam Taylor 

If you are considering or merely interested in the study of Law, I encourage you to read as much as possible on any areas of Law that interest you; most legal decisions are freely available. Even visiting your Local Court to watch some matters is a fantastic way to see how a case progresses through the Court and how Solicitors and Judges deal with issues of fact and Law. 

Reading the newspaper and staying on top of current issues is also a wonderful way to keep up with current legal/policy issues and thinking. If you choose the Law, be prepared for some long nights of study, but the rewards are fantastic.