Published on September 19, 2022

Studying Drama is arguably one of the most rewarding subjects a student can gain great value from.

Not only is it a chance for those destined to shine on the stage, or for others to discover their passion being part of the crew – there truly is something for every student.

However, something not many parents and students consider is how the elements and teachings of drama can help you improve your confidence, speech and ability to talk in front of your students and peers. All valuable skills that students will be able to use for the rest of their day-to-day lives.

We interviewed Drama Teachers Jennifer White (Head of Faculty) and Hannah Date to ask them first hand why Drama is the perfect subject for students to take at HVGS! 


Why is Drama a great subject for students to take?

JW:  Drama is a great subject for students as it educates the whole person! Whilst engaging in acting and play-building activities students learn communication skills, problem-solving, develop confidence and presentation skills, think creatively, practice empathy, flexibility and collaboration skills.

 HD: Students build their self esteem, and build on skills of organisation, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication as well as entertainment and event management.


What might surprise students about what they will learn in Drama?

JW:  Project management – managing varying perspectives, production teams, time lines, resource management, design, technical skills, marketing, budgeting etc

HD: How many different perspectives they come across, and that a lot of the learning is social and cultural exchange, as well as reflecting on beliefs and practising articulating ones’ own values, as well as practising listening skills in collaborative situations. Stepping into someone else’s shoes and reflecting on how they would respond in certain situations. Students are definitely surprised of how much ‘behind the scenes’ work there is involved in a project or production. We have teams of costume design, script writing, set design, stage management, lighting & sound design – which are more than just the design element – it is the organisation that comes with this creativity that is huge and surprising to students. Some students surprise themselves of how much detail and effort is needed in a process journal for the extroverted work to be of quality. 


What skills outside of Drama can be applied to other subjects/life

JW: All of them! That’s why it is such a great subject. People think about acting and see the potential limitations but it’s all the other skills that will be encountered in almost every workplace imaginable.

Employers are screaming out for employees with excellent ‘soft skills’ – that’s where Drama really comes into its own with the teaching of creative thinking, group work and communication skills.

HD: If you click HERE – there is a handy document that gives you an in depth look at the employability and learning skills you can gain from studying drama.


What do you love about teaching Drama?

JW: Watching the students grow in confidence and forge new relationships 😊

HD: I love witnessing a student build on their self-esteem, and realise that it drama is their own process, rather than a product for someone else. I love noticing the ‘aha’ moments when they realise that the hard work has paid off.

I love teaching real life skills and hearing about how it is benefitting a little person’s whole life outside of the drama teaching & learning space such as having the confidence to speak up for what they believe in, or have the confidence to put their hand up in class to contribute to discussion.



There you have it! Drama is such a beneficial and well-rounded subject for any student, regardless of whether they are the next Academy Award winner or not. It teaches skills that can be transferred to any situation in life, and is a great way to build confidence, teamwork abilities and problem-solving skills.

If you’re thinking of studying Drama, please reach out to our Drama faculty and let the fun begin!