Published on December 17, 2022

The graduating Class of 2022 enjoyed the relative normality of a school year, in as much as the final twelve months of one’s secondary schooling can feel normal; it was certainly less disruptive than the preceding two years. That invites some reflecting – this years’ graduating cohort left the innocence and routine of Year 9 in 2019, endured academic and social disruption throughout Years 10 and 11 over the next 24 months, only to find themselves facing a final 150 days of school and the inevitable, looming examinations. It makes their achievements all the more impressive, and makes us all the more proud of their collective resilience, courage, perspective and sense of academic purpose.

As 2022 draws to a close, we present to you our annual Celebrate publication capturing the academic achievements of the graduating cohort in both the HSC and the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IB CP), along with the opportunities within and beyond the classroom that support myriad student learning experiences and interests. 

You can read Celebrate below.


Along with more than 75,000 HSC students across NSW, our Year 12 students received their HSC results and ATARs on Thursday morning. (The IB CP results are to be released in early January.) The 2022 cohort have performed extremely well academically and have displayed a commitment and dedication to the values and ideals of the School, exhibiting a respect for their peers, parents and teachers borne from genuine gratitude and maturity.

HSC Highlights

  • The Class of 2022 achieved 91% of all HSC results at Band 4, 5 or 6 – our best collective result against this measure in recent years.
  • 15% of all results were at the highest level Band 6/E4 and 57% of results at Band 5/6.
  • Over a third of HVGS students made the Distinguished Achievers’ List with 34 students sharing in 73 Band 6 results across all HSC courses examined (a significant increase on 2021)
  • The School ranked 103 in the State on % of Band 6 results attained, a pleasing improvement on 2021
  • Emily Fortunaso-Klocker has achieved the School’s highest ATAR of 98.20
  • The School recorded three students recognised by NESA as Top Performers in an HSC Course:
    • Emily Miles ranked 3rd in the State in Design and Technology
    • Gabriella Coren ranked 10th in the State in Agriculture
    • Ronan Green ranked 9th in the State in Information Processes and Technology – Ronan completed this HSC course as a Year 11 student in a targeted acceleration via Distance Education – a remarkable achievement.
  • Six students received an ATAR above 95, 16 students above 90, and 39 students received an ATAR above 80.
  • The average ATAR achieved for the 2022 HSC cohort was 78; the highest average ATAR at HVGS for 5 years.
  • Several students attained top band results across 8+ units, with five graduates coming to within a single mark of being awarded NSW All Rounder honours (10+ units at the top level).
  • A wide variety of HSC courses across different HVGS faculty areas achieved significant results, especially compared with relative State attainment at Band 6, and Band 5/6 level.
  • Of particular note were the outstanding results achieved in:
    • Agriculture (77% Band 5/6 attainment compared with 25% of State)
    •  English Extension 2 (100% top Band (E4) attainment compared with 29% of State)
    • Legal Studies (Seven Band 6 results and 72% Band 5/6 attainment compared with 40% of State)
    • Music 1 (Four Band 6 results and 100% Band 5/6 attainment compared with 69% of State)
    • Visual Arts (Five Band 6 results and 100% Band 5/6 attainment compared with 65% of State)
    • Design & Technology (Four Band 6 results and 100% Band 5/6 attainment compared with 47% of State)  

Students and parents frequently reference the extraordinary support, time and care given by our teachers, and indeed by all staff who influence and shape the learning opportunities of the students in our care. We acknowledge the significant work undertaken by all HVGS staff, often out of the view of colleagues and parents, and it is with sincere gratitude that we thank our staff for the professional and personal commitment to their students.

Whilst the Class of 2022 enjoyed pleasing recognition in the HSC School Rankings recently published in the media, we also recognise that this narrow measure fails to capture the countless stories of personal bests and the considerable effort by our students to lift themselves into higher bands of personal attainment through consistency and focused efforts. We recognise those who have achieved and even surpassed their own goals, often in the face of personal adversity or setbacks along their academic journey, and we applaud their dedication.

This publication provides opportunity to celebrate the various exceptional achievements of students, including Emily Miles, Gabriella Coren and Ronan Green who each achieved a Top Performer accolade for placing in the Top 10 students in NSW in an HSC course. Our graduates leave our gates now as young adults who, through their schooling, have learned much about their world and about themselves. They have also taught us much too. Through their actions they have provided lessons to their peers and the broader school community, lessons which may be traced to the School Values writ large on our circle of pencils. Lessons about responsibility and determination. Lessons from Teanu Barter, from Emily Fortunaso-Klocker, from many others, too.

Congratulations to our graduating class of 2022, it has been a pleasure to support and share in your educational journey. Please enjoy this year’s publication, indeed, you have much to celebrate.