Published on November 27, 2023

Embarking on a journey that transcends local pitches and dives into the international arena, HVGS 2023 alumni Ryan Reid shares his exhilaration at being chosen as the goalkeeper for the U19s Sydney All-Stars in the prestigious Algarve Cup Tournament in Portugal. Hailing from Newcastle and currently playing for Newcastle Olympic U18s, Ryan sheds light on the positive turn of events that led to his selection just as the local NPL season in Newcastle was winding down. 


How did it feel to be selected as a Goalkeeper for the U19s Sydney All Stars and represent them in the prestigious Algarve Cup Tournament in Portugal? 

Good and proud! Goalkeeper is a limited position and you have a lot of very tough competition all wanting that one spot within each team.  It was a real positive to find out I had been selected from Newcastle in a Sydney based team just as our NPL season was finishing – I currently play for Newcastle Olympic U18s.


What kind of preparation and training did you undergo to meet the professional standards required for this tournament?

I had to commit to team training sessions in Sydney multiple times each week for a couple of months leading up to the trip, plus additional one-on-one Keeper training sessions twice each week in Newcastle and a daily gym program. Recovery and preparation have also been very important to avoid fatigue and prevent injury.  Routine and commitment are essential to prep.



Can you share any challenges or obstacles you faced in your journey and how you overcame them?

Playing in Newcastle NPL, it is not all that common to be scouted for this kind of tournament.  This team includes “A League” Youth players from Sydney & Melbourne and also International Representatives (Joeys), so there is increased pressure to perform well and I knew I had to continue to work hard to lift my own standards.  I worked on this learning by trusting my training, my coaches, my self-confidence and my self-belief as I have only been playing at this local Youth NPL level for 3 seasons.


As a young athlete, how do you think this experience in Europe will influence or shape your aspirations and ambitions in the world of football moving forward?

Playing at this tournament could open up the possibility of being noticed and potentially invited to trial with a European Club, which would be amazing.  This tournament also gives me insight into where my current level is at, the things I need to work on to progress my skills.  Making me come back at a more experienced playing level which I can then bring into my playing with my local club as I try to break into senior teams. And strengthen my thoughts that anything is possible.


How did HVGS help support your football career?

I have played many different team sports over the years at HVGS (Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Rugby, Soccer) which have helped develop my team building, leadership skills, communication skills, confidence and courage.  We have won games and lost games and I learned something from each one.  At HVGS we are also lucky to have a strength & conditioning coach who helped to develop part of my gym program.


What was your favourite memory of your time at HVGS?

Kicking the football around on the oval with the boys at lunchtime.