Under the current restrictions in the Hunter, families are required to keep children at home, away from School, for the duration of the restrictions.

There is scope for a number of children of “essential workers” to be supervised on-premises; this number is to be kept to an absolute minimum. The School understands “essential workers” to be those who are required to work outside the home and cannot, therefore, supervise children, or who cannot provide even passive supervision to children in the home for some other significant reason. Further, there is scope to supervise students who are vulnerable in the home.

Parents are required to upload a letter from their employer (or on company letterhead if self-employed) indicating their status as essential workers.

Application to have students attend school as the children of essential workers.


  • Student/s Details.

  • Parent or Carer 1 Details.

  • Parent or Carer 2 Details.

  • Letter of essential service.

  • Upload a letter of essential service for Parent/Carer 1 OR Upload a document with details concerning the vulnerability of the relevant child/ren.
    Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Application dates.

  • Though the announced lock-down is scheduled to end after 12 August, please list dates for the rest of the month of August, as a precaution.