Exceptional sportswomen and sportsmen are invited to apply for our Elite Athlete Program (EAP) for entry into Years 7 – 11 in 2021. The EAP is open to external students only through application.

The Elite Athlete Program provides necessary support and assistance for high performing athletes to manage sporting commitments and academic studies at school.


Applying for the Elite Athlete Program (EAP)

  1. Check the eligibility requirements detailed below.
  2. Complete the online EAP Application Form below.
  3. Make payment of the $120 non-refundable EAP Application Fee.

Note: Students will be required to complete parts of the application and provide a written supporting document.

Applications close 1 May 2020


Student skiing in race



Additional information

  • The Elite Athlete Program provides support and services to athletes to assist them in their concurrent pursuit of academic and sporting goals. The Program encourages athletes to achieve outstanding academic results to facilitate an alternative vocation after their sporting career has finished and assists in the promotion and development of HVGS sports through the attraction of high performing students.
  • Successful applicants will be expected to commit to the School sport program in the following ways: 
    • represent HVGS in their nominated sport when required; 
    • demonstrate commitment to the School values and display them in their interactions in their behaviours; and
    • engage in the academic program and maintain conscientious effort across all subjects. 
  • The EAP accepts a limited number of students (2 per year level) and are selected at the absolute discretion of the Principal.
  • Entry into the EAP is not automatically awarded to other siblings of the same family; each student is considered on his/her own merits.
  • The School reserves the right to withhold an offer into the EAP if there are no students of sufficient merit.  The School’s decision on these matters is final.



  • Application into the program will be available to external students only (not attending HVGS) entering Years 7 – 11 in 2021. Internal students will be identified and invited into the program by the Director of Sport and are not required to complete an application.
  • The online application form must be completed in full, and payment of the $120 Application Fee received at the point of application.
  • Applicants must be achieving at a State or National representative level. Students currently in Year 6 applying for Year 7 in the following year, should use NSW Primary Schools Sports Association (PSSA) selection as a guide to the standard required.


Female students in rowing boat

Value of scholarships

  • Successful EAP applicants may receive: 
    • Financial assistance in the form of a remission in School fees at the discretion of the Principal.
    • Travel grants for students selected in a team that requires travel interstate or overseas for competition. 
    • Customised academic program in the form of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) that provides opportunity for flexibility to meet the commitments of sport and the curriculum. 
    • Academic representation and counselling via a school based Mentor who will provide support, advice and guidance to assist students balance their study and sport commitments.
    • Tutoring services across a broad range of subjects for students who are having difficulties understanding a unit of study or have missed school due to sporting commitments.
    • Access to specialist support services and external coaching, and possibly dietitian, sports psychology and strength and conditioning.
    • Provisions to access workshops and seminars are available for student athletes to assist with their personal and professional development. Topics can range from sports psychology and leadership, to exam preparation and effective essay writing techniques.

Note: applicants may be offered all, or any combination of the above, and is at the discretion of the Principal. 


Notification process

  • Please apply by completing the online application form below. 

  • All applicants will receive a letter from the Principal advising the outcome of the application and next steps, if appropriate.

Application assistance

Please contact our Director of Enrolments if you require assistance completing the form.