Talented students are invited to apply for a HVGS General Excellence Scholarship for entry into Years 7 – 11 in 2021.

General Excellence Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate all-round qualities and character or an outstanding ability in one activity or interest.


Applying for a General Excellence Scholarship

  1. Check the eligibility requirements detailed below.
  2. Complete the online Scholarship Application Form below.
  3. Make payment of the $120 non-refundable Scholarship Application Fee.

Note: Students will be required to complete parts of the application and provide a written supporting document.

Applications close 1 May 2020


student playing instrument



Additional information

  • General Excellence Scholarships may be awarded to applicants who: achieve high results in their academic subjects, demonstrate the potential to achieve at an outstanding level in one or more HVGS cocurricular areas (including service and formal leadership positions), and display qualities consistent with the ethos of the School.
  • Successful applicants may exhibit all-round qualities and character or an outstanding ability in one activity or interest; including academic, music, performing arts, creative arts or sport. The applicant’s full range of interests and activities should be carefully documented and, where possible, supported by evidence of awards, prizes or testimonials.
  • There are a limited number of scholarships available (2 per year level) and are awarded at the absolute discretion of the Principal.



  • Scholarships are available to external students (not attending HVGS) entering Years 7 – 11 in 2021.
  • The online application form must be completed in full, and payment of the $120 Application Fee received at the point of application.


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Selection criteria

  • The student applicant conducts themselves appropriately at the interview with the Principal, showing sound speaking and listening skills.
  • The student has achieved high academic results for the most recent reporting period with teachers making positive and affirming comments about the student as a learner.
  • Demonstrated achievement at an outstanding level in at least one of the HVGS cocurricular areas, supporting documentation would make this self-evident.
  • References attesting to the personal attributes of the student and the positive contribution the student will make to the ethos of the School.


Value of scholarships

  • Scholarships take the form of a remission in fees, at the discretion of the principal. 
  • Scholarships are not automatically awarded to other siblings of the same family; each student is considered on his/her own merits.
  • The School reserves the right to withhold a Scholarship if there are no students of sufficient merit.  The School’s decision on these matters is final.


Notification process

  • All applicants will receive a letter from the Principal advising the outcome of the application and next steps, if appropriate.

Application assistance

Please contact our Director of Enrolments if your require assistance completing the form.