Adolescence is an exciting and challenging time. The move from the certainty of the Junior School classroom to the complexities of Senior School (not to mention all the developmental changes!) requires a caring and responsive approach. 

Appropriate behaviour expectations, a values-rich environment and strong support systems keep everyone on track.  At HVGS we embrace all of the fun, all of the joy and all of the complexity that growing up brings. 
As students move through Senior School, we embed positive attitudes to life and learning and the attention shifts to developing an overall sense of wellbeing which keeps students connected and motivated in their education for the long-haul.  

It’s time for Year 7

Stepping up into Senior School can be a tricky time for students – and the whole family! Suddenly things change. There’s a need to be more organised, more responsible and to navigate new frontiers. But there’s also new opportunities to explore personal interests, make new friends and for the first time, the hint of independence. It’s huge!    

A comprehensive transition program means that your child will step up with confidence and will find their place in our School. 


The Senior School

A HVGS Senior School education is holistic with equal attention on students’ academic progress, social-emotional development and wellbeing. 

Years 7 – 10 

A time when there is whole lot of change! Peer groups gain traction and parents may start to feel less influential. We can’t smooth over all the speed bumps on the road to growing up, but we can make the journey a little easier to navigate. 

An engaging middle years curriculum keeps students connected and attuned to learning and pastoral programs support them as they discover their interests, grow and change and learn what makes them happy at school.  

students playing connect four


Years 11 – 12

By the time our students move to Year 10, they are young people of great character and moral purpose. As emerging adults they’re well prepared to tackle their final years of school with a desire to meet their full personal and academic potential, to support each other, to value their education and to contribute purposefully to their school and broader community.  
HVGS Year 12 students graduate with a passion for continued learning and with realistic and tangible tertiary and vocational options. Take a look where they go after they leave us.


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Senior snapshot

Male student on woodwork class

Courses and electives

Our curriculum is broad-based and balanced. There’s lots of choice for students to study subjects that appeal to their interests and to extend themselves in the subjects they’re good at. Agriculture, iSTEM, VET Hospitality, Drama, Laguages and Engineering Studies are just a taster of our immersive curriculum. 

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Beyond the classroom

Our cocurricular program is exhaustive. Students thrive in sport, performing and visual arts, technology and STEM, academic and enrichment, debating, environmental and agricultural opportunities. We’re confident your child will definitely find something to engage and excite them.   

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Nurture and wellbeing 

Our wellbeing structure ensures that all students are noticed, nurtured and safe. We invest heavily in student wellbeing because we know that when students are happy and safe at school, they truly excel. 

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student working in classAcademic achievement 

Every student can meet their full academic potential in our School. HVGS students have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and they consistently achieve pleasing results. Most importantly, they do so in an environment that values their happiness and wellbeing as fundamental.   

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English buildingInspiring spaces 

Our school feels more like a park. We have a special campus, quite rare amongst schools.

Green open spaces, architecturally designed buildings, integrated technology and resource-rich classrooms make days spent at school enjoyable and engaging.

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Thinking of changing schools?

We can enrol new students into the Senior School all year round – provided a vacancy exists.

We welcome your enquiry and if you’d like to chat with key staff about your child’s academic and pastoral care at HVGS, we can certainly arrange that too.

We know that a happy start in a new school is really important so we have structures in place to ensure a friendly welcome and a supported transition.

There’s strong demand in our Senior School so it’s best to contact our Registrar as early as possible.



What's happening in Senior School