Technology at HVGS isn’t ‘tech for tech’s sake’. It’s used purposefully and safely to enhance teaching and learning, collaboration and creative thinking. 

We fully understand that technology is ubiquitous and necessary for young people. It’s important to how they connect, create, express and how they learn. 

The reality for our young people is that their world of work may involve working for many different employers, across time and distance in jobs that don’t yet exist. They need to be ready for that. 


Developing Digital Literacy

The digital revolution is here and ever evolving so we’re teaching the digital literacy skills and capabilities our students need to be digital problem solvers, communicators and creators – armed with a individualised digital ‘toolkit’ at the ready. We’re doing this by:

  • Creating and communicating using multimedia tools.
  • Developing virtual environments and game-based learning opportunities. 
  • Utilising online collaboration tools. 
  • Critically evaluating online resources for accuracy of information. 
  • Designing solutions to real world scenarios using code. 
  • Building and using robotic technology. 
  • Exploring emerging technologies. 
  • Applying digital skills within real world contexts, across subject areas. 

students looking at ipadDigital Citizenship

The online safety of our students is embedded in our teaching and wellbeing programs from the very early years.

Explicit cybersafety education helps HVGS students understand their responsibilities in acting appropriately and respectfully to keep themselves and others safe and to detect and report possible threats online. 



What devices do we use?

  • In the Early Learning Centre, students have a small number of iPads to use for simple learning activities. 
  • Students K – 6 have one-to-one access to a School provided and managed iPad. 
  • In Years 7 – 12, students are responsible for supplying their own device as part of the school’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme. 


Tech Infrastructure

A technology-rich environment ensures that student learning is consistent, contemporary, and accessible. 

Students access the internet and digital resources via our school-wide wireless network. Computing facilities at the School include multiple computer labs, a music technology lab and recording studio, a green room and library technology lab. 

Filters and firewalls keep students safe from unsavoury content while at school.  


Technology in the Curriculum 

Here’s just an example of the ways we use technology:

  • Our preschoolers have been learning about programming. They are using simple code to send Blue Bot Robots on basic directional based adventures.  
  • In the Junior School, technology is embedded across key learning areas and in inquiry based learning units. Our Green Screen is a creative way for students to explore digital storytelling and create and share digital content in new and interesting ways. In 2020 our IMAGINE-art space was completed and is a dedicated area for students to express creative ideas and to tinker with design and engineering projects. 
  • Our Junior teachers are resourced with coding and robotics tools and training for incorporation into their teaching and learning programs.
  • Students in Years 7 and 8 participate in a STEM program – a joint undertaking with the Mathematics, Technical and Applied Studies and Science faculties. Through the program, students experience the design cycle and the implementation of a project, tool or model.
  • Technology electives are available for students in Years 9 and 10. Design and Technology, Industrial Technology Engineering and Information Software Technology are all on offer.
  • HSC courses include Design and Technology, Software Design and Development and Engineering Studies. 

Our cocurricular technology program is also buzzing and beeping with opportunity.