Year 5 Enquiry

Starting in Year 5 at Hunter Valley Grammar School signals a very exciting time in your child’s schooling. 

Changing schools in Year 5 can happen for a variety of reasons. Often, a change in family circumstances prompts the change, or dissatisfaction with the current school, or for parents choosing independent schooling in a K – 12 environment, strong enrolment demand for Year 7 warrants much earlier consideration to guarantee a high school place. 


HVGS students are…


They’re supported in an environment that promotes their happiness, wellbeing and citizenship as they meet their full potential – inside and outside the classroom.


They’re inquiring, curious and global minded, and their innovations and creative ideas may just one day change the world.



They’re developing new skills, new habits and new learning in a values-rich environment that ensures they strive to seek answers to big questions.







Year 5 is the new Year 7

Data suggests that Year 5 enrolment has grown by almost 14%, and the trend shows that these figures are increasing. Read our digital paper about this growing trend.

Year 5 is the new Year 7



Interested to find out more about Year 5? Contact our Director of Enrolments to discuss your child’s needs and start the enrolment process.