Published on November 1, 2018

We live in a digitalised world and schools have a crucial responsibility to teach students to be digitally literate. But what exactly is digital literacy and why is it so important?

What is Digital Literacy?

Digital literacy is described as the ability to learn, live and work in an environment that requires individuals to access and communicate information via digital technologies.

To do this successfully, students need to develop creative and critical thinking skills that help them find, create, communicate and evaluate information.

students using iPads


Why do our students need to be digitally literate?

With automation and globalisation changing our economy, work skills of the future are anchored in digital literacy, and studies suggest that over 50% of all graduates will need to be able to use, configure and build digital systems in the next few years.

Although different levels of digital skills will be required depending on the career path, it’s clear that all students need to be digitally literate. To ensure our students become the problem solvers and digital makers of the future, HVGS takes a future-focused approach in developing programs and opportunities so students foster both their passions and their digital literacy subsequently.


students working with robots


How are we creating digitally literate students?

Through the resources, networks and technology available, HVGS students are engaging in real-world practices and experiences. As a School, we are embedding the skills and capabilities students will require to thrive post school. HVGS students are:

  • creating and communicating using multimedia tools.
  • developing virtual environments and accessing game-based learning opportunities.
  • utilising online collaboration tools.
  • designing solutions to real-world scenarios using code.
  • learning to engage safely online.
  • building robotic technology.
  • exploring emerging technologies. 

By applying these skills within real-world contexts and across subject areas, students are developing their own personalised digital toolkit. Our focus is for every student to leave HVGS future-proofed and wellrounded so they are empowered in their learning and ready for life.