Overseas tours and community service projects are part of our School’s comprehensive and holistic educational experiences.

There are several tours available,  all offering very different experiences. 


Humanitarian & Service Tours

Our students are compassionate, and they take personal responsibility in finding ways to build human capacity in communities less fortunate than their own.

Their focus on helping others is part of the HVGS ideology, and the values that are embedded in their education are evident on these tours.


Take a closer look at the Vietnam Community Service Project and see the incredible impact it has on our students and the families they help.


Cultural Tours

Our cultural tours broaden students school experience and deepen their understanding of the world and their place in it. Learning really takes on a whole new meaning when students can physically experience the places, culture and people outside of a textbook.


Sporting & Music Tours

From time to time, students take their talents on the road – nationally or internationally. 

Two of our students were selected from 600 hopefuls to perform solos, which just affirms HVGS music students’ talent and why trips such as this are valuable learning experiences.

“The trip pushed me just out of my comfort zone, but never in a way that was scary – always fun, exciting and new.”

Jasmin Harvey (Year 11 – japan tour)