One of the first things people notice about HVGS is the overwhelming sense that students are really at ease with their school and each other.  

We invest considerably in wellbeing, which means there is a strong focus and more specialists on-hand to nurture students’ sense of self and happiness.  

Our supportive and integrated pastoral care model offers stability and consistency for each child, from the very early years. 

Students enjoy their learning because we are a happy school.



students hugging


Respect & Responsibility 

We believe in every child’s intrinsic worth and embrace a culture that treats all community members with care and compassion, dignity and respect. We live and breathe our core values and they are evident in every interaction and every action at all levels of our community. 


House spirit

Our four Houses – Barrington, Gloucester, Watagan and Liverpool – create a kaleidoscope of colour that bonds friendships, builds camaraderie, promotes healthy competition and supports connectedness.

The House system is interwoven into the HVGS student experience. All students K – 12 belong to a House for life. Students take pride in their House affiliation and through House activities, friendships are forged and social bonds are strengthened. It’s this sense of belonging that will support them through their entire schooling experience.

Second-generation students are allocated to the same House as their parents, keeping family traditions alive and well.

students cheering


A Positive Culture 

Together we took a pledge to stand together against violence and bullying. Our positive school climate and our values-rich culture reduce the risk of bullying at the School. In the instances where a concern is raised, it is dealt with deft and appropriate action.


“I was a bit of a ratbag at school. But nobody [at HVGS] ever gave up on me. Someone always had my back.”

Clare –  alumna (paramedic & defence force officer)