High quality teaching is the single most important factor influencing your child’s achievement and engagement at school.

Our teachers are facilitators of thinking and architects of rich-learning experiences. They enjoy a strong reputation in the region for their passionate belief in what they do and the positive, collaborative learning community they have created for students.

It’s why we can attract and retain the very best trained and qualified teachers. 

teacher with students

Professional Learning Communities  

In the Senior School, teachers work together in small Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to explore new collaborative and pedagogical approaches for increasing student outcomes, driven by evidence-based research.

Over the course of a year, each PLC concentrates on a targeted area of focus for improvement or innovation. PLCs becomes experts in their focus area and then share their learning with other PLCs. Through working together, teachers can make better instructional decisions, they build professional capacity and student learning becomes a focus.

In the Junior School, regular Teach Meets are a time to collaborate and learn from colleagues experiences and challenges. This collegial approach to teaching supports a shared vision for HVGS students and positively impacts school improvement, teacher instruction, teacher efficacy and student success. 


Always Improving 

Dynamic teaching is at the heart of what we do.  Our teachers model the importance of life-long learning through individual professional development plans and continual improvement. 

The culture at our School is one where learning is valued, thinking is mandated and teaching is explicit.  We invest in our teachers and support them to actively engage in their own academic development and to participate in authentic professional learning opportunities. 


Positive Relationships 

Respectful relationships between teachers, students, and parents mean that every child is known and understood and can get on with learning in a safe, consistent, and inspired community.

Teacher laughing with student