Our Academic Services team works across the K – 12 student body, to develop a cohesive learning environment that empowers students academically, socially, emotionally and physically.  


Inclusion Philosophy 

Our school is one of differentiation, diversity and inclusion and we see each student as a unique learner, with unique opportunities and unique potential. We understand that some students require specific strategies to face learning challenges and others to engage more deeply in enrichment opportunities. 

At HVGS all students have equal access to the curriculum and to our broad cocurricular program, irrespective of their individual circumstances.  

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Academic Services Team

Our Academic Services team is made up of specialised teachers, psychologists and educational assistants who offer in-class, small group, individual support and specialist programs to provide for students’ broad sets of needs. It is done so within an environment of collaboration and inclusion to ensure that students stay connected and engaged with learning for longer periods of time. 

Our Academic Services Team has received national recognition and acclaim for their work in a school that uses best practice to support all students. 


Strategies to support learning

Here you can explore the ways we cater to each individual child’s learning experience.


Learning Enrichment 

Our Gifted and Talented Coordinators in the Junior and Senior School support teachers to embed enrichment and extension opportunities within the curriculum and extend children upwards and sideways through the cocurricular program. 

We set high expectations for all students and support them to work to their full potential in all aspects of their learning. 

Specific enrichment activities include: 

  • Personal Learning Pathways for gifted students to ensure they are working at their full potential. 
  • The High Performing Students Program through the University of Newcastle gives exceptional senior students the opportunity to get a taste of tertiary education by undertaking first year university courses while still at school. 
  • Students in Year 9 undertake Personal Inquiry Projects (PIPs) across several months on a topic of their own choosing.  PIPs are planned, researched and ultimately presented by students to a team of teachers.
  • Participation in external competitions including the da Vinci Decathlon, Australian History Competition, Newcastle Permanent Mathematics Competition, Tournament of Minds, HICES Challenges and other regional and national competitions. Participation helps gifted students ‘top-up’ and extend their learning outside the classroom. 

senior students with teacher