High quality career education is important in preparing students for their future.

Support is provided to senior students in the following ways:

  • Year 10 students participate in a Careers Program to better inform their HSC subject selections. The program draws on student data to assist with the decision-making process.
  • Students in Years 10 – 12 can work with our Future’s Advisors when making decisions about their educational, training and occupational options post school. 
  • Career articles are published in the School newsletter and contain useful hints, tips and information for students and parents. 
  • A dedicated careers space is available for parents and students to access digital and offline resources. 
  • Regular in-school career seminars with past students, professionals and academics are organised for students and their families. 
  • The annual Business and Industry Dinner is a great way for Year 12 students speak to professionals in the fields they are most interested in over a three-course dinner.
  • Australian Business Week Program is an intensive learning experience for students in Year 10 designed to develop an enterprise mindset. Students are divided into ‘companies’ and spend the week managing a business through computer simulation for a simulated 2 year period. In 2018 they developed a cafe concept of their own, creating marketing collateral, developing business reports and business plans and engaging in team building. The program is both challenging and rewarding.

Read more about our Futures and Career Education Framework

Two students at their display for Australian Business Week
Year 10 students with their Australian Business Week cafe display


Tertiary Destinations

You might be interested to learn about the interesting paths our students pursue once they leave us.

Here’s a snapshot of the Class of 2019 and their tertiary choices and study destinations.


Tertiary choices:

  • 12%  Health/Medicine
  • 10%  Law
  • 7%    Business/Commerce
  • 6%   Construction Management
  • 6%   Information and Software Technology
  • 5%   the Arts
  • 4%   Sciences
  • 50% Other (including architecture, international studies, creative industries, education)


University selections:

  • 60% University of Newcastle
  • 12%  Macquarie University
  • 10% Sydney University
  • 4%  Charles Sturt University
  • 14% Other (including Griffith University, Australian National University, University of New England, travel or workforce)


For more information about the Class of 2019, read Celebrate magazine online.