Scholarships for 2025 are now closed! 

Thank you for your interest in our Scholarship Program. Scholarships for 2025 are now closed. Scholarships for 2026 open in Term 4 2024. 


About our Scholarship Program

Scholarships at HVGS are designed to identify and nurture talent and enable students to pursue their passions. To this end, HVGS is committed to nurturing a diverse student body through a breadth of scholarships.

Beyond the financial benefits of a scholarship, students at HVGS join a community that is dynamic and committed to excellence within and beyond the classroom.

Students awarded a scholarship will demonstrate the School’s values in action prior to enrolment at HVGS, throughout the scholarship process, and during their time at the School. Scholarships at HVGS are modelled on the motto: “Success through Endeavour”. Scholarship students demonstrate that through hard work and resilience, success can be realised.


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