Published on December 3, 2018

When Gemma Fung and Tharushi Palipana (Year 12) noticed that some of the trees around the school were being felled to make way for the new Early Learning Centre, they devised a special project to grow a new legacy.

Two students smiling

Both Gemma and Tharushi are engaged in the Leadership Group at HVGS. As part of their involvement they were required to develop a leadership project that would improve the School, inspire others and then bring that idea into fruition.

With two Year 7 students from each Mentor group, Gemma and Tharushi planted eight new gumtrees to replace the ones lost in the construction. Each Mentor group has been gifted one tree each to care and nurture.

The tree planting project is a win-win. It’s an excellent environmental initiative and involved younger students in a special school project which will leave a lasting memory and a benefit to the school for many years to come.

students planting tree

The idea is that the younger students will nurture their trees and as they lay down their roots and grow in strength and height, so too will the students involved.

Gemma Fung