Published on October 14, 2022

We’re so excited to introduce you to our School Captains for 2023. Read about our chat with Audrey McPherson and Lachlan Lidbury and get to know them a little better – from their values to their go-to Treetops order!  


  • Which HVGS value do you most identify with and why? 

A: I identify with Optimism. Optimism is defined by the hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something. Without optimism, you are unable to move forward in life. I have come across many challenges throughout my life and being optimistic has allowed me to push forward and achieve the things I have dreamt of.  

L: For me it’s respect. It is more than just acknowledging others, rather it is a form of understanding, a different perspective. Respect is critical in my Captaincy role. Meeting new people and understanding everyone’s point of view is something I strive to achieve every day. 


  • Why are you proud to be a captain of HVGS? 

A: I have been a student at HVGS since Preschool and my older brother also attended HVGS since preschool. HVGS has always been an important part of my life and the school community has allowed me to flourish in an environment that has so many opportunities. The HVGS community is so encouraging, caring and compassionate and  being able to represent an incredible group of students is an honour.  

L: I am very proud to be Captain of Hunter Valley Grammar School for many reasons.  

  1. Our School community – it is a kind and exciting place, which makes this role so much fun. We are also driven and hard-working. 
  1. The people – I am most proud of being able to lead a wonderful population of intelligent and dedicated learners. They always bring a smile to my face with what they get up to at School.  
  1. My Family – I am very proud to not only represent the School, but also represent my family within this role. My father, being a foundation student, has a high level of respect through his association with the School and I hope to continue that legacy.  


  • What is your go-to Treetops order? 

A: My go to Treetops order is definitely a ham and cheese croissant and choccy milk.  

L: When I do buy my lunch from Treetops, I tend to find myself buying a toastie and choccy milk. 


  • How do you hope to be the voice of your peers? 

A: I hope to form genuine connections with all groups of students at the School. Many of us identify differently, have different passions and visions and I hope to be able to help these students achieve their visions through being an open-minded, caring, and authentic leader I’d like to lead others beyond a point they would take themselves. 

L: I hope to give voice to those who may not be, or feel, heard. I hope to stay open-minded and respectful of everyone’s ideas and to be an expressive voice for our community and student body. 


  • What’s your favourite subject and why?  

A: My favourite subject is Agriculture. I am extremely passionate about sustainability and the environment and Agriculture has given me communication, self-management, and critical thinking skills. Our Agriculture class is a tight-knit group that is full of ideas. We all bounce ideas off each other and encourage each other within the classroom, and it has allowed me to create genuine friendships where we discuss some fascinating ideas.  

L: Like Audrey, Agriculture! The wonderful practical opportunities to work with livestock and study crops/pastures at the School farm is an exciting way to get outside the classroom and explore a new way of learning.  


  • Where can students usually find you at lunch to come have a chat? 

A: I am somewhere around Treetops or walking around with my best friend. Give me a big smile and I’d love to have an awesome chat with you.  

L: You can usually find me on the Rugby Oval playing sport with my mates. I am always down for a chat or even an extra teammate. 


  • What are your personal strengths? 

A: Compassion and confidence would be my personal strengths. To be compassionate, I need to be open-minded and listen to all ideas. I love being able to help others achieve their goals and passions. To achieve my own personal goals and create change, I have to remain courageous and confident. 

L: My strengths are perseverance, honesty and hard–working! I try to put these strengths to work in all formats of learning and leading, with a bit of fun along the way!