Published on August 14, 2023

Meet Mark Miles, our dynamic new Head of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education at HVGS. With his infectious passion for teaching and unwavering commitment to promoting inclusion, Mark is revolutionising the way Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are mentored at HVGS.

A proud Wiradjuri man who cherishes his heritage, Mark is dedicated to helping his students discover and celebrate their own cultures, whether Aboriginal
or non-Aboriginal. He firmly believes that knowing where you come from is essential to finding your way forward in life and he makes it his mission to guide his students on this journey of self- discovery.

Mark explains, “The reason I wanted to join the community at HVGS was due to the strong value system, the direction the School is going in the inclusion space and because we give students a voice. This was reaffirmed in my interview where two students were on the panel and lead the questions. I love this!”

Mark continues, “In the short time I have been at HVGS
I have been spending time getting to know the studentsand gaining an understanding where they want to go with Aboriginal Education. In the Junior School all classes have had the opportunity to take part in a Smoking Ceremony, I have shared a few Wiradjuri Dreaming Stories and the teaching behind them.

I have been heavily involved in mentoring students who need a bit of extra support. I have started up the Senior School AECG (Aboriginal Education Consultative Group). And finally, been involved in coaching rugby.”

“…I teach all students about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture for a few reasons. Firstly, history is often taught from a colonialist perspective with large omissions,
so I love teaching the whole truth so students can gain a deep understanding of our rich history. Secondly, it is part of an inclusive, culturally safe practice. Finally, I want all the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to know they are valued; their culture is valued and see it represented at HVGS.”

Whether he’s in the classroom, on the beach with his beloved kelpies, or spending time with his family, Mark’s infectious energy and enthusiasm are impossible to ignore. His expertise in teaching culture is unparalleled, and he’s proud to have found a community at HVGS that shares his love for learning about the rich tapestry of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage.

Prior to joining HVGS, Mark worked on Darkinjung and Darug Country, where he honed his skills as a mentor and educator for at-risk students. He also assisted schools in integrating First Nations perspectives into their programs, ensuring that all students had the opportunity to learn about the fascinating cultures that make up our diverse nation.

With his visionary leadership and boundless energy, Mark is on a mission to make HVGS a leader in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education, and to help his students be proud of their cultures and confident in their abilities to succeed in life.

In our Strategic Plan, Future Directions 2023-2028, one of our primary goals is to create and maintain genuine and respectful opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education throughout our entire school community.