Tour Information

Location: Great Barrier Reef, Cairns 
Proposed Tour Dates: 6 days duration running from  Sunday 6 April – Friday 11 April 2025 
Student Numbers: 15 – 30 students 
Cost to families: Approximately $2,000 – $2,500 


Accommodation Style

Youth Hostels Australia (YHA), Cairns (including breakfast)



Students will fly from Newcastle to Cairns. 


Tour Overview

This marine conservation program offers students the opportunity to assist Ocean 2 Earth with an established reef monitoring program. 

Students help a team of marine biologists and other industry professionals to support long term coral health in the Great Barrier Reef and join forces with marine debris initiatives to clean up the Reef. Students will contribute in providing a healthy environment for marine species to flourish. 
Students will also participate in other conservation activities and environmental research which  contribute to the preservation of far north Queensland eco-systems.

There are three key project components:

  • research
  • conservation
  • indigenous context

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Tour Requirements

Participants must have enthusiasm, compassion for marine life, be a competent swimmer (50m independently) and have a team spirit!

It will be all hands on deck to achieve the crucial goals of this mission!


Tour and Company Information

Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers