Welcome to Senior School at HVGS in 2024.  

Please find below useful information to help you get ready for school.

2024 Back to School Information 


Locks for Student Lockers

Families are asked to supply a suitable lock to go on to a student locker for security and peace of mind. The experience with combination locks has not been so good, with locks failing quite frequently. The recommendation is to use a key-lock, and the spare key is able to be left in the care of the respective Head of Year just in case.

Mobile Phones – Reminder

Mobile phone use is only permitted during the course of the school day (generally from arrival through the gates until 3:00pm) when expressly required and authorised during class for a particular activity, or only after a student has sought permission from a member of staff. Students are permitted to use a mobile phone when paying for items at Treetops, in which case they are only to be produced when the student has arrived at the point of sale.

Mobile phones are otherwise to be locked in lockers or kept on silent and out of sight.

Senior School Uniform – Re-Set

As announced towards the end of last year and as a result of the uniform survey we conducted along with general feedback, there will be a re-set of uniform expectations this year. The main points to be aware of at this stage are as follows:

  • The default uniform is the Everyday Uniform. See outline below.

  • PE uniform can only be worn at specific times and will need to be changed in to and out of at the beginning and end of lessons.
    • In Stages 4 and 5, complete and correct PE uniform can only be worn all day on designated sports days (these will be marked on your timetable) each fortnight.
    • In Stage 6, complete and correct PE uniform can be worn all day on “Wellbeing Wednesday” each week.
  • Dress uniform will be required for assembles and other occasions as advised.

Other aspects of the uniform and appearance which we will be reinforcing:

  • Hats are required to be worn when outside. They do not need to be on when seated under solid shade, but still need to be kept within reach. The simple rule is – dress uniform with the dress hat; PE uniform with the HVGS cap.
  • Skirt-length – students are required to wear skirts to the knee, and not rolled up at the waist.
  • Girl’s shorts – there has been a tendency to wear these very short and tight. Shorts should be comfortable and mid-thigh length.
  • Hair – long hair must be tied back neatly at all times.

Your assistance with this re-set is greatly appreciated.

More detailed Uniform information will be available once it has been finalised.

Further work will be conducted as part of the general review of the uniform, and this will start during the course of Term 1. Please stay tuned for further information.


Stationery lists

  • Year 7 stationery list
  • Students in Years 8 – 12 have no specific list for stationary and will be advised of stationery items by their teachers in their first few days of school. Students are asked to bring their device, a notepad and a pencil case with pens and pencils in the interim. 


Book Lists 

Years 7 – 11 Book Lists 2024

For more information regarding Text Books for students entering Years 7-11, please click here. You will note that the cut-off date of 8 December is specified on the attached information, please rest assured you can still purchase texts after that date.

Note, new students will be prompted to enter their school email address, just select ‘not sure’ at this step and you can then search for Hunter Valley Grammar School and then search for the grade you are purchasing texts for. 



Other Important Information


Uniform Shop

To contact the Uniform Shop, please email uniformshop@hvgs.nsw.edu.au. The Uniform Shop is located on the School grounds and stocks both new and good condition second hand uniforms. The shop is open during term time every Tuesday and Thursday,  8:00 am – 4:00 pm.


Co-curricular and other activities

HVGS has a comprehensive and exciting array of co-curricular opportunities available for all students across a broad range of academic, sport, performing arts and other clubs and special interest areas. Our 2024 co-curricular offering will open in Term 1 2024.

Some activities that run in 2024 require registration in 2023/early 2024. Please find below information about Specialist Music and Drama lessons for tuition in 2024. 

*New families, please type NEW into the field that requests a parent code, if you don’t yet have one.