Published on August 1, 2018

We live in a multicultural society rich in traditions, customs and beliefs. Exposure to other cultures through authentic learning experiences helps children develop a global perspective of the world and an appreciation of the diverse communities in which they live.

Finding opportunities to participate in activities and celebrations that enhance the cultural competence and cultural education of our youngest learners is important.

We are fortunate that in the Early Learning Centre we have so many willing parents and educators eager to share their culture and customs with the children. This year, one of our educators, Mrs Lal, kindly helped facilitate the very vibrant and very exciting Holi Festival of Colour.

children covered in paint

The Holi Festival is a traditional Indian spring festival celebrated in many parts of the world. The celebration signifies a victory of good over evil, and the end of winter and arrival of spring. Fun is an important aspect of Holi and it was certainly on show in spades.

The ELC became awash with colour as children threw powdered paints onto their clothing, flung coloured water and smeared dry  colours over each other – all part of the celebration.

Incorporating celebrations such as the Holi Festival into the preschool program helps children better understand, communicate with,  and effectively interact with people across cultures, and promotes positive attitudes of tolerance,