Published on December 5, 2018

Meisha and Harry (Year 6) have just spent a year as Junior School Captains. Over 2018 they’ve grown in confidence and ability and with Year 7 just around the corner, they’re excited about what the next stage at HVGS has on offer for them.


Meisha addresses the audience on Presentation Day
Meisha addresses the audience on Presentation Day


What are you looking forward to about  Year 7?

Harry: I’m looking forward to all the new subjects and more independence. There’s so much space and freedom in Senior School. I also made about ten new friends at Transition Week so that will be fun to see them again when school starts back.

Meisha: New teachers and new subjects, and making new friends and reconnecting with old ones, will be really good. Like Harry, the amount of extra space will be amazing.


What did you learn about leadership this year?

Harry: A good leader sets an example to others, they are well-behaved and they demonstrate the aspects of IB Learner Profile and the School Values. They also need to be themselves so others are comfortable to approach them.

Junior Captain talking to crowd
Harry at Presentation Day 2018


What is service to you?

Meisha: Service means giving up your time for the benefit of others. It means making a difference to other people.


What’s been the most enjoyable aspect of being Junior School Captains?

Harry: Working with Mr McClintock was great. When we had to write and present a speech to the school, if there was a choice, he would let us choose the topic but he would guide us with writing the speech. He let us take ownership but helped us to make it the best it could be. He also spent a lot of time with us.


You need to have courage to step up to lead. But you’re never on your own.

Harry, 2018 Junior School Captain


What’s been challenging?

Meisha: Sometimes the feeling of being unprepared was hard. Harry and I got better with this as the year went on, but for new people into the role, it could feel a bit overwhelming at first.