Published on November 25, 2021

Kimberley Clement and Ryan Betts are our 2022 School Captains. Kimberley and Ryan shared a bit about their personal strengths and values, and how they intend to draw upon these key qualities as school leaders.

students smiling


What are your personal strengths?

Kimberley: My greatest strengths are good time management which helps with both internal and external school activities, the motivation to complete whatever I start, and a flexible mindset.

I also love the art of spontaneity as it fuels my adventurous nature and curiosity!

Ryan: Some of my greatest strengths are perseverance and adaptability because I work hard to persevere and overcome challenges. I strive to be as adaptable as I can. When I am put into different and difficult situations, I try to find a new way to overcome it.


Which of your strengths is most important in a leadership role and why?

Kimberley: The combination of having a flexible mindset and the motivation to complete whatever you start would be beneficial qualities to have as a leader. Obstacles and challenges will present themselves along the way, but it’s how you deal with them that really matters.

Ryan: To me adaptability is most important in a leadership role. Leaders need to be able to adjust to the situations that are presented to them. It’s important to be able to listen and modify a response to best suit the feedback and ideas that are suggested by members of the school community.


What do you feel you have to learn about leadership during your captaincy?

Kimberley: In the past, I have had some exposure to working in groups that have so much influence across the student body, so having the ability to consider all perspectives and listen to everyone’s ideas is something that I am looking forward to developing and continuing further.

Ryan: Stepping into a role which connects the students and the staff, I will have to learn how to actively listen to and communicate the ideas of others. It is my goal to do this in a respectful way that makes everyone feel they are being heard and valued.


What do you think the school’s strengths are?

Kimberley: HVGS has this unique internal driving force within every staff member and student group that draws out the best in everyone. By offering advice, insights and the tools to stimulate action in everyone’s valued area, there are opportunities for everyone to thrive.

Ryan: The school is very good at providing students with a wide variety of resources. The teachers provide quality education across a broad range of disciplines. The school applies effective organisation across the many events and activities they facilitate.  


Which one of the values do you most identify with and why?

Kimberley: Optimism stands out to me, as I always find myself looking past the hard-yards and constantly believing everything will work out. Having this mindset keeps me feeling positive and gives me a lot of things to look forward to.

Ryan: I most identify with the value of Integrity. I believe it is important for someone in a position of leadership to strive to maintain integrity. Integrity encourages us to be honest and maintain sound principles.