Published on September 29, 2022

After graduating Hunter Valley Grammar School in 2016, Lucy Burls has been a powerhouse. From being accepted to her Masters in London, managing two offices in Sydney for a Creative Agency, to currently being in NSW State Finals for 2023 Miss World – the opportunities have been endless! 



What have you been doing since you graduated from HVGS?

After I graduated, I started my degree in Speech Pathology, then I travelled to 21 countries by the time I turned 21. When I came home I changed my degree to Health and Science majoring in Nutrition and Exercise. Excitingly I have just recently been accepted to complete my Masters at the University of London for Public Health and Conflict! During the Pandemic I was working at the Mater Hospital which was a very unique experience.

I am currently managing two offices in Sydney for an International Creative Agency and I am also in the running for Miss World Australia – now in the state finals! I am also a National finalist for Miss Tourism Australia. So… I’ve been busy! 


What is your big dream in life? 

My biggest dream in life is to find a career that makes me happy, and be successful doing it. I just haven’t worked out what that is yet! 


What motivates you?

The opportunities hiding behind each corner and keeping a positive and optimistic attitude towards everything.


Who were your favourite teachers at HVGS?

There were so many! Shout out to Derek Fisher, Mrs Keith, Mrs Thompson, Mr Guy…. Honestly all of the teachers were amazing! 


Sum up HVGS in 3 words! 

Motivating. Encouraging and Supportive!


Do you have any advice for students heading into Year 12?

Do the best you can and try your hardest – take it easy on yourself and remember the world is full of many different opportunities. 


What made you want to apply for Miss World?

I really love how Miss World encourages young females to reach for the stars and raise awareness for important charities that matter to communities.

I am currently fundraising for Variety – a charity that supports kids that are sick, experience disadvantage or who are living with disability. My mission is to raise funds to help Aussie kids achieve their full potential, regardless of ability or background. You can click here to help!