Published on May 14, 2023

Get ready for a brain workout, because Year 12 English students took on a fascinating challenge! They’re delving into the world of literature to explore how different societies’ beliefs and values impact the content and themes of a text.

The English Standard students are exploring the works of Indigenous writer Ali Cobby Eckermann, while the Advanced group are comparing a classic Shakespeare play with a modern novel or film.

Contrary to popular beliefs, English class is not just about reading – the students are honing their research skills, critical thinking skills, and ability to reflect on different perspectives. It’s like a literary gym session for the brain!

In this lesson, students put down their laptops and picked up some old-school tools. On butcher’s paper, teams mapped out the connections between the texts and illustrated their insights on the ways artists depict their times.

English Teacher Kate Dwyer says, “This method provides opportunity for focus without the distraction of too much information at once. It also allows students to recall what they know and realise the need to physically engage with the material to best understand it.”

In Senior School English lessons, students are positive, co-constructors of knowledge. They debate points of view, providing evidence for their peers, and it is through this collaboration that they all come to a deeper understanding.

As Leonardo Da Vinci wisely said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” and our students prove it!