Published on July 3, 2023

Courtney Lawrence (Class of 2018) is a testament to the indomitable human spirit in the face of adversity. Battling a rare genetic disorder that permeates every aspect of her life, Courtney’s resilience and determination have propelled her towards remarkable achievements.

Armed with a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree, with first-class Honours, Courtney stands on the cusp of completing her pharmacy internship. Throughout her education, Courtney was supported by the love of her family. They served as her fierce advocates, accompanying her on arduous journeys from her small rural town to doctors’ appointments in Maitland and Sydney. Witnessing firsthand the crucial role of healthcare education and compassionate healthcare practitioners, Courtney developed a resolve to support others facing their own health challenges.

Courtney’s passion lies in rural healthcare and health education. She firmly believes that every individual, regardless of their geographic location, deserves access to quality care and comprehensive health education.

“I strongly believe in supporting people through the hard stuff- whether it be through health education, assisting with their treatment or simply being that person that asks them how their week has been.”

While Courtney’s health condition has shaped her path, it has not defined her. Music has been constant passion in her life. Whether she is playing the piano in her shed, lending her musical talents to her church’s music team, or rocking out to music in the car, it serves as an ongoing source of inspiration.

Courtney’s involvement in the Symphony Orchestra Concert and Symphonic Winds Ensemble during her time at HVGS holds a special place in her heart. Through her oboe she found personal fulfilment and a musical family who warmly welcomed her back for our first-ever Symphony Orchestra Concert featuring Alumni earlier this year.


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