Published on July 14, 2023

Shravani Joshi (Class of 2012), recently graced HVGS and Mr Robinson with her presence, taking the opportunity to reconnect with the school and share her remarkable journey since graduating. Shravani graduated from Medical School in the United Kingdom and now serves as a Junior Doctor in the National Health Service (NHS). 

We had the pleasure of catching up with Shravani and learning about her remarkable accomplishments and the path her life has taken on since her days at HVGS. 



What are you up to now Shravani!?

I just graduated medical school in the UK, and am now starting work as a junior doctor in the NHS! 


What made you decide to go to Medical School in the UK? 

I wanted to study medicine for as long as I could remember, but unfortunately, my scores were not competitive enough here when I was an undergrad, but were enough as a postgrad. The NHS is also incredible for training doctors due to the large volume of work there, and I knew that they had an immense amount of practical exposure that we cannot simply due to the huge population there! Our uni also included clinical exposure within the first year, which was also a big plus.


What was the most significant difference between Australia and the UK?

That there were no Tim Tams ☹ In all seriousness, it was the sheer volume of people. I was always amazed at the sheer number of people, especially Southeast Asians. It is a surreal feeling to walk into a hospital and hear staff talking to you in your language!


What drew you to working in the medical field?

I lucked out, and have a grandma and mum who are in the medical profession. They encouraged a love of science and curiosity. I remember seeing newborns in India that my mum had delivered, and thinking it was so miraculous that she could do something like that. After that, it was a slippery slope to loving absolutely everything about it – the integration of science and technology, the constant learning, being able to use your hands, and of course, the privilege and satisfaction of being able to help people.


Why did you come back home to work in Australia?

Australia will always be home. After more than 10 years of moving around, I am ready to spend some time at home!


What is your big dream in life?

To see as much of the world as possible! 


Why did you come and visit HVGS again?

I have incredibly fond memories of the school. It’s where I met friends I still consider some of my closest, it’s where I felt my teachers were really invested in my learning, and it’s where I first felt truly free to be myself. 


How did it feel coming back to HVGS and catching up with Mr Robinson?

It was so, so wonderful!! I don’t know quite how he does it, but he is able to remember basically everything about you when you were in school? And I was there 10 years ago! He has always taken the time to pause for you when you need it, and listen wholly to you, and I felt exactly the same way talking to him now as I did when I was 17. He is such a special person.



If you could say anything to the current year 12 students, what would that be?

Grades don’t define you. Make friends, make mistakes and make good habits. 


Who was your favourite teachers at HVGS and why?

Mr Beath – he made history so much fun! Everything was so visual with him and his passion really always shone through. 


What is one of your favourite memories at HVGS?

Making ice cream in physics on our last day – Mrs O’Grady brought in all the essentials as well as some liquid nitrogen and we all made little sundaes together! 




If you are an alumni student wishing to drop in for a visit – reach out to us HERE